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my name is delia/tabby, but i also go by madeleine, viridian, nadia and alice

i'm 18 (24/06)

i'm an agender lesbian (tme) and use she/he/they pronouns with no particular preference

i'm white and able bodied

i have autism and some pretty funny mental illnesses

i'm a mean cunt and i love to complain and harass morally corrupt people so if you're a soft widdle uwu baby i advise you don't follow or i might hurt your feewings. i also use the block button incredibly liberally because i don't trust any of you freaks.


this should not have to be said, but if you:

·are homophobic, transphobic, transmisogynistic, racist, antisemitic, misogynistic, etc
·believe in reverse 'oppression' (misandry, heterophobia, reverse racism, etc)
·use slurs you can't reclaim
·support irredeemable media such as hazbin hotel, homestuck, south park, dmmd, boyfriend to death, citrus, or people who create such content
·believe fiction doesn't affect reality, are an 'anti-anti/pro-shipper', believe in 'purity culture' or 'cancel culture'
·think it is ok to fetishise or normalise r*pe, incest, pedophilia and abuse
·are not critical of your interests
·support genderbending
·are truscum, transmed or a terf
·are anti he/him lesbians and she/her gays
·support the bi/pan lesbian 'identity'
·support or are complicit in any of the above

then please get the fuck off my profile and consider killing yourself and doing your part in making the world a more pleasant place to live. thank you!


here's all the shit i'm into that i can remember off the top of my head. yes i am critical of Problematique aspects of my interests. you don't need to ask me.

·granblue fantasy
·animal crossing
·kira kira pop princess
·puyo puyo
·bang dream
·magical girl raising project
·ensemble stars
·oshiete galko-chan
·monster high
·general horror


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