🖤17, Agender Lesbian, He/They (She/Her reserved for friends only)🖤
I have le epic autism please be nice to me :((

Don't Follow If:

-You aren't sexy
-You're anti-milk
-You don't like MILFs
-You don't think demon bitches are hot
-You're a prep

I say retard and dyke a lot so if that makes you uncomfortable don't follow

(Real BYF: Basically don't follow if you're a bigot or a weird loser freak. Kpoppies this includes you. If you're anti hesbians or a truscum/transmed kill yourself right now)


I have more but these ones are the most important.
Doubles are sexy and invited to my dinner party


Heres all the places you can send me death threats

Switch FC: 6118-4443-1909
Bandori ID: 1351447


-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
-Ensemble Stars
-Puyo Puyo
-Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
-Granblue Fantasy
-Viddy Gaems
-Licherally anything with cute girls in it